National Restaurant Association Launches New Industry Training Program

To ensure restaurant professionals have clear career-pathing goals, the National Restaurant Association recently launched ServSuccess™. The comprehensive career-development offering features three levels of professional certification, online training, and assessments. In the next decade, the restaurant industry is expected to add 1.6 million employment opportunities. ServSuccess helps these employees visualize a career roadmap and sets industry-wide standards for advancement.

“ServSuccess empowers people and businesses to aim for and achieve even higher levels of career success in the foodservice industry,” said Dawn Sweeney, National Restaurant Association President & CEO. “Restaurant employees will be able to use their years of experience to jumpstart their professional advancement by validating their skills and knowledge. For restaurant operators, it provides the training and workforce solutions to grow business and service to their communities.”
ServSuccess features:

  • Professional Certifications for Restaurant Professional, Restaurant Supervisor, and Restaurant Manager
  • Online Learning Suites with content designed to fit into busy restaurant work schedules
  • Interactive Study Guides to promote learning and retention using the latest brain science

Employee turnover costs restaurant operators about $2,000 per front-of-house and back-of-house employee and almost $15,000 per manager position, according to research from TDn2K. ServSuccess is an innovative new resource to attract, upskill, and retain talent that can be easily used by independent operators, multi-unit businesses, large or small brands, and any type of establishment from quickservice to fine dining.

“Talent and experience are valuable resources the industry can’t afford to lose,” said Sherman L. Brown, Executive Vice President of Training & Certification for the Association. “Better training is better for business, so ServSuccess provides companies with a turn-key, customizable mix of products that build the people who build their business. And for those professionals ready to take their hustle to the next level, ServSuccess is here to serve them.”

In addition to education and certification offerings, ServSuccess will help employees match with open positions in the restaurant industry, assess their career readiness, and chart a path toward achieving their desired career goals. •

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