The Pennsylvania (Restaurant/Lodging) Promise for the Hospitality Industry

    The Pennsylvania Restaurant Promise and the Pennsylvania Lodging Promise are a set of voluntary commitments a restaurant or hotel operator is making to their employees and customers during the COVID-19 recovery period. Any restaurant or hotel in Pennsylvania may join the Promise. Simply download the guidance document that outlines the actions and best practices you can institute in your operation and signage.

    The Promise serves two purposes. First, to provide Pennsylvania restaurants and hotels some tools and resources for reopening their facilities to the public as safely as possible. And secondly, to provide guests and customers some reassurances as they ease back into the new normal of life.

    When customers see that an establishment has joined the Pennsylvania Restaurant Promise, they know that the restaurant or hotel has committed to taking appropriate action to protect their employees and customers and are taking a leadership role in protecting their community.

    Promise participants will continue to comply with federal, state, and local guidance as a reopening process begins. The Pennsylvania Restaurant Promise also empowers customers to learn what they can do to help keep everyone safe. With restaurants and customers working together, we can make the hospitality industry as vibrant as it was prior to the impact of COVID-19. •

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    PRLA has developed the Pennsylvania Restaurant Promise guidelines on the next page, seeking voluntary participation by Pennsylvania restaurants and hotels. PRLA makes no warranties with respect to the ultimate effectiveness of the Promise program, and assumes no responsibility for assuring compliance by any restaurant or hotel with such guidelines.