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Hotel Industry Launches 5-Star Promise Initiative to Enhance Hotel Safety

Building on decades of investments in safety and security and in coordination with security experts, the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) and the...

Workplace Violence – Warning Signs and Triggers

In the last issue, we introduced our standing Safety and Security Column by defining workplace violence. We continue with part two, where we will...

Workplace Violence

The last issue of Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Matters illustrated the prevalence of workplace safety and security issues, both physical threats and cyber risks,...

Workplace Violence—Identification, Prevention, & Intervention

The frequency with which episodes of physical violence, aggressive behavior, harassment—sexual or otherwise—bullying, and intimidation are occurring in the workplace has reached a level...

A High Price to Pay—Costs of Foodborne Illness

Being a foodservice manager comes with a great variety of responsibilities. But one of the most important of those is the responsibility to keep...
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