Level Up

    As the hospitality industry exits the pandemic and enters recovery, staffing shortages are replacing the issues suffered from mitigation. PRLA engaged our PR partner, Food Shelter, to develop an industry awareness campaign to sway public perception of the hospitality industry as dangerous or dead-end work to an industry of opportunity.

    The goals of the campaign include showcasing the industry’s career pathways, flexibility, and growth-oriented work; encouraging individuals who left the industry during the uncertainty during mitigation to return as vaccinations increase and stability returns; and reaching diverse audiences across multiple platforms.

    The campaign targets four main audience groups:

    1. First-time employees like teenagers, students, immigrants, or career changers who don’t have experience in the hospitality industry or any industry. The message to this audience is that we will train you to ‘level up’ your job skills with us.
    2. Gig workers who embrace shift work and flexible schedules. These messages focus on the industry’s flexibility to earn a living while they pursue other passions or education.
    3. Re-engage disenfranchised workers who left the industry at the height of the pandemic. Our message to this audience is that the stability and opportunities are back on track now that the mitigation has lifted and vaccines are available.
    4. Reassure industry veterans who have stuck with the industry all along that they are valued and there are more opportunities now than ever before to ‘level up’ through professional growth and advancement.

    The campaign messaging is being delivered via paid social and digital ads, which drive clicks to the PRLA’s Job Board. PRLA members can post open positions on the board, free-of-charge. For a limited time, we’re allowing non-members complimentary posts to the job board, too, using the code COVID-19.

    We’re also profiling current industry employees across our social media channels, telling their stories of how and why they chose the hospitality industry. Check out some of our most recent profiles here and here. If you have an employee who has a great story and should be featured in one of our ‘Level Up’ posts, please share this form with them to be considered.
    Finally, some of these employee stories will be converted into brief video vignettes to be used in an earned media campaign.

    The paid digital campaign will run for eight weeks, but the earned media and social posts will continue throughout the year. •